Brilliant coffee and quality snacks are a guarantee for a great start of the day. Take your time while getting up and trust your breakfast business for us. In our “Go Box” vending machines you will find coffee, soft drinks, nourishing and sweet snacks. Everything you need for a productive day!





Coffee Machines

This vending machine surprises even the best baristas. Every cup is brewed using freshly ground coffee beans, while the quality of water extraction is assured by “Variflex” patented technology. Due to this technology, “Go Box” coffee machines can brew large and small amounts of coffee cups whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Snacks and Drinks

It is almost impossible to be productive when you are really hungry. Everyone will find their favorite snacks in our “Go Box” machines. We have snacks for every taste preference that also go very well with the most popular soft drinks. Forget your hunger and thirst!

21250coffee cups per day
2550snacks per day

Coffee beans

“Lavazza” coffee beans – are rich in flavor and aroma. Notes of chocolate and nuts, slight hints of bitterness. Completed with a berry aftertaste. This coffee inspires to take action!

Payment options

Remote administration

Nayax: We install Nayax card payment terminal to our machines according to the needs of selling place. Therefore we offer several flexible cashless payment options to our clients. It is possible to pay in the vending machine using bank cards, credit cards and even in-house door cards.

Vendon: To ensure the quality of service, our machines are equipped with Vendon remote administration solution. This technical solution allows our customer service to have an 24H overview of the machine’s technical condition and product supplies. Accordingly, possible faults can be eliminated within 24 hours and products sold are always available.

Correct sales report and usage statistics can be forwarded depending on the service package offered.

We chose your service according to other clients’ positive feedback. Our desire was to offer quality coffee in a way that we ourselves don’t have to work hard besides our main job and not to over pay for the service.

Airport customers have enjoyed delicious snacks and quality coffee from GoBox vending machines already for five years. Both GoBox vending and coffee machines are in use in the airport.


GoBox is a Police and Border Guard Board`s official coffee partner.



GoBox has offered wide variety of snacks in vending machines and quality coffee from coffee machines for several years to soldiers serving in Estonian Defence Forces. The additional convenience option for them is card payment.


It’s not just a coffee cup – it’s a daily dose of inspiration. A big collection of cup characters will reveal your motto for the day. Randomly chosen cup will inspire you to be a true genius, a meeting rock star or the one that is drifting in space the whole day. Finding your inspiration has never been so easy.


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